3 Sacred Spots To See In Indonesia


If you’re planning a trip around Indonesia anytime soon and you’re wondering what sights to see or historic spots to check out, look no further than this article. With so much to see and do in the region, Indonesia boasts a huge array of fantastic and beautiful locations to visit either on day trips from a larger municipality or as a trip in themselves. Either way, read ahead to learn a bit more about Indonesia‘s top three sacred sites.

Mount Semeru

The highest point on the island of Java and named for Sumeru – a central theme to Buddhist and Hindu cosmology, Mount Semeru enjoys fame as the parent volcano to other volcanoes in the region, which occurred during the move of the volcano in mythological stories when placing it too far west caused the island to tilt and so it was moved further east, creating the local volcanoes of Lawu, Wilis, Kelut, Arjuno, Welirang and Kawi. Indonesian Hindus believe this to be the home of Shiva in Indonesia, and it’s believed the volcano was transported over from India.


Located in Central Java, this Buddhist site is home to numerous temples and statues, deliciously set amid a backdrop of active volcanoes which makes for a truly breathtaking view anytime of day, but particularly at sunset or sunrise. It’s been a shrine to Lord Buddha as well as a Buddhist site of pilgrimage for hundreds of years. There are three main temples, built on such fertile ground that it’s been dubbed “The Garden of Java”.

Dieng Plateau

The Dieng Plateau was built up by the Javanese Hindus, with it at one time having hundreds of temples and other devotions to the gods. The name comes from a variation of Sanskirt with Dieng (Di) being “abode” and Hyang meaning “Gods”, therefore Dieng Plateau literally means Abode of the Gods. In present day, only a handful of these formerly impressive temples are left. This area is similar in style and age to Prambanan, but on a smaller scale so it’s possible you could have the entire place to yourself on the right days.

So there you have three great spiritual and sacred places to check out in Indonesia. With a mix of Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim religions (amongst others), there has never been a more interesting conglomeration of island life mixed with sites of sacred importance – especially ancient. So pack your bags – Indonesia and all of its beautiful old temples await your arrival!

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