5 Tips for AirBNB Newbies Hosting Guests for the First Time

Granted your landlord knows what you’re up to, hosting guests via AirBNB represents a fantastic way to generate passive income via a vacant room within your space. Setting up your home to accommodate guests may seem like a simple process; however, many newbies quickly find themselves overwhelmed given the smaller details of what guests really want and expect.

After all, guests come in many shapes and sizes. From international travelers to those unfamiliar with the local customs and must-dos, there’s plenty that goes into making your guests feel comfortable that go beyond providing a place to stay.

If you’re hosting guests via AirBNB for the first time, keep the following tips in your back pocket in your pursuit of passive income minus the headache.

Double-Down on Your Décor

While hosting guests doesn’t mean that you have to renovate your entire home, the fact remains that you can’t hope to attract the attention of guests without décor and furniture which ultimately grabs their attention via your listing. Whether you decide to invest in a new mattress or elegant pieces of dining room furniture, your guests will appreciate your attention to comfort, style and detail.

Keep Your Space Clean…

Obviously cleanliness will score you points with guests: conducting a deep-cleaning of your home, especially your carpets, bathrooms and kitchen, represent solid places to start in pursuit of a spotless space. If you plan on hosting guests for the long-term, it may be a good idea to hire a professional to take care of the seemingly “hard to reach places” to help manage your home’s condition in between guests.

…But Not Too Clean

However, some AirBNB hosts go overboard in their pursuit of cleanliness, ultimately resulting in a  space that feels more like a lifeless motel versus a home. For example, feel free to leave some of your personal décor around the house to give your space a sense of personality. While you should obviously take care of spills and dirty dishes, there’s no need to strip the walls or remove all of your personal items from your home.

Be Prepared Keep Your Distance

Being a host represents playing the role of hotel manager and concierge for your guests; likewise, you should try to stay out of your guests’ business unless explicitly called upon. Although you might be thrilled at the prospect of hosting a guest and want to know all about their day-to-day activities, they may see your relationship as strictly business.

Therefore, don’t take it personally if your guests are cold towards you or don’t tend to talk much: it simply comes with the territory of being a host. Make yourself accessible via phone but don’t expect to wait on your guests hand and foot.

Don’t Forget the Essentials

Just as a hotel would welcome its guests, make sure your space has all of the necessary amenities to make your own guests feel comfortable. Suggested AirBNB welcome amenities might include…

  • Fresh towels and bedding, including pillowcases and extra blankets
  • A bedside table with a charging station and tissues
  • A personalized list of important information including recommended things-to-do, your wi-fi password and any other tips for your guests

Again, even the smallest details can make the biggest impression on your guests.

If you want to garner positive reviews and actually generate passive income via AirBNB, it’s important to know exactly what guests want. By following these tips, you’ll set yourself on the path toward becoming a more successful host one guest at a time.

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