5 Ways to Save Money With Saivian

Have you heard of the new Saivian app? If you have, you’re probably already using it. Those of you who haven’t are missing out.

This app allows you to scan all of your receipts from pretty much anything you buy on a monthly basis and gives you 20% cash back. You can use it when you’re filling up the car or buying new clothes.

All you need to do is download the app, select 10 stores that you use on a regular basis, and start shopping!

How to Use the App:

The app isn’t free. It costs $120 per month to use and you can cancel at any time. This means that you’ll always make money from it if you’re spending more than $600 per month (20% of $600 is equal to the membership fee).

You also need to use your credit or debit card when you pay for things. The reason is so Saivian can match the last four digits on the receipt to the card that you’ve saved on their app.

Most people’s eyes begin to glaze over at this point when they see the membership fee. But, the savvy shopper can make it work for them. After all, you spend more money in some months compared to others. So why not sign up to the app during the more expensive months?

Let’s take a look at four ways to make Saivian work for you.

1# Christmas Shopping:

Everyone spends more at Christmas. You have to start thinking about buying gifts for your friends and family. And what about the kids? Grocery shopping is also more expensive with the extra food and wine.

December is the perfect month to sign up and use this app. Most people will spend much more than $600 after all of their Christmas shopping and everything else that comes with it.

2# Birthday Months:

This is a great tip for people who have to buy a lot of birthday presents. Perhaps you have several kids in the family or you’re just a generous friend. Here’s a savvy idea. You could sign up to Saivian and do all of your birthday shopping for the year in a single month.

The bill is likely to be higher than $600 when it’s combined with your monthly expenses. Claim the cash back and don’t sign up for the next membership.

3#Planning a Holiday:

You can use Saivian on some hotels and for travel expenses. Perhaps you like to drive rather than fly somewhere. If this is the case, filling up the car isn’t cheap. Get the app and reclaim on the fuel as well as hotel expenses. You could also use it when you want to buy your new holiday clothes.

Just make sure that you plan ahead and name these shops in advance on the app.

The Takeaway Message:

Saivian has an expensive membership fee. But, you can use this to your advantage with a little planning and preparation. Get the app around Christmas when you’re certain to spend more money.

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