Adding Muscle For Naturally Skinny Guys


Have you caught yourself looking in the mirror lately and wishing to look like some of the men you see in magazines? Okay, maybe you don’t want to go Arnold Schwarzenegger big, but you want to get a bit of meat around those guns. Contrary to popular body image belief, men suffer from poor body image issues as much as women do, it’s just less focused on and reported on because there’s the misconception that men should tough it out. Nothing could be further from the truth and that’s why this article will give you some solid tips on building the right muscle mass for your body.

Start Slow

Your body isn’t everybody else’s body and neither are your specific body building needs. Some men can gain muscle by powerlifting in the gym, but others have to do a variety of exercises to build it up. So the first thing to do is to identify what works for you. For most people, they find that the old standbys are the best bet – rows, dips, pull ups, press ups and squats, all with added weight (ie: kettlebells) are a great way to start building that muscle up. The great thing about kettlebells is that you can hold them easily in your hands and they are compact, making them great to keep at home too for a quick workout each night if you want to.

Eat, Eat, Eat – Protein!

This is not a free for all and you’re unlikely to do anything of use with that McDonald’s supersized meal. Instead, opt for great, healthy proteins found naturally in things like chicken, beef, turkey, eggs, spinach and lentils or beans. You can do a lot of amazingly tasty stuff with these things and really vary your diet. You can even add spinach and eggs to a mid-morning smoothie if you’re peckish. For a bigger protein boost, invest in some high quality, tried and tested protein powder you can get from your local health shop to add to your breakfast smoothie. Don’t forget to drink at least a gallon of water everyday to keep your muscles supple and growing.

Keep Focused and Stay Motivated

It can be tempting to give in if you don’t see results right away, but remember that it can take some time to see muscle build up, depending on what your fitness is like previously and if you have a lot of fat reduction to do before you can build up the muscle. Also remember that body builders are doing insane workouts for a reason and that reason isn’t likely the same as yours. Don’t hold yourself to their standards which at least in the beginning will be unlikely to be attainable. Stick with what’s right for you and keep on keepin’ on!

So there you have a couple of great ways to start getting that muscle on your frame in healthy and sustainable ways. Always remember to stay hydrated, eat lean, train mean and have fun! Good luck!

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