Choosing The Right Tattoo For You


So you have decided to take the plunge and get a tattoo but how do you choose the right one for you? With tattoos becoming a more widely accepted and widely accessible thing these days, it can be difficult to identify the perfect piece of permanent body art that will encapsulate the story or image you’re looking for. Read ahead to learn how best to choose the ideal tattoo for you so that you can enjoy your future ink and not worry about future regrets.

What’s In A Name?

Whatever you do, it’s not ever a good idea to get a tattoo of your boyfriend/girlfriend or even husband or wives name. Just because you feel like something is meant to be from now until the end of time doesn’t mean it will be an if you have a tattoo of someone else’s name on your body, it could end up being not just tacky but also remind you of potentially bad breakups or even upset your future love interests. If you get anyone’s name tattooed on your skin, get names of people who will always be there for you, regardless such as parents, siblings or children.

Symbols and Translation

Do not rely on Google Translate or other translation apps to adequately translate words like “Live, laugh, love” or other phrases that you may want to tattoo on yourself somewhere. Likewise, don’t rely on online forums like Reddit or 4Chan or other for appropriate translation either. You might end up getting the Chinese symbol for “soup” tattooed somewhere on your person instead of “peace” for example, and that will look really strange to people who can read it.

Instead stick with a symbol or phrase that you’re sure of it’s translation (especially if in a foreign script) or an image that has some meaning to you – like a tattoo of a silly symbol you and your childhood friend used to draw together, or something equally as meaningful.

Pictures and Imagery

If you’re getting a picture of some kind tattooed, steer clear of the really cliched or common ones. Get something that is unique and special to you – not the same old butterflies, dragonflies and phoenix birds that everyone seems to have. If you want to stick with this kind of imagery though, try designing your own tattoo, or get a friend with an artistic flair to design it for you. What better way to solidify your friendship as well than by having a friend design something truly unique for your tattoo?

So there you have a couple of great tips on choosing the right tattoo for you and how to help you make a decision (and avoid making a mistake!) Always remember that laser removals are very painful, costly and can leave scarring and is something you probably don’t want to entertain down the road, so choose carefully and make it truly special and important to you!

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