Clever Housekeeping Advice for Condo Owners

Once you have found your dream condo, it is crucial to maintain it in a clean and attractive condition. That way, you can derive maximum enjoyment from it. The six tips below can easily be integrated into your daily routine and they will make your condo into a comfortable, streamlined living space.

What to do about makeup and cosmetics

Declutter your makeup and cosmetics every few months. If you use your finger to apply eye shadow, blush or other cosmetics, oils and bacteria will transfer onto the compact and pose a hygiene risk after three months or so, so it will need to be used up and thrown away after that period. Toss out any makeup that starts to smell funny, and any lipstick that starts to develop moisture on the surface. Keep your cosmetics longevity by using sterile cotton buds and other applicators to apply them to your body rather than using your fingers, and store everything in a cool, dry place.

Use vinegar on the floor

Adding a splash of vinegar to boiling water is all that you need to clean your apartment’s floors. Vinegar has antibacterial properties and it also lends sparkle to ceramic or linoleum floors. Moreover, it is much safer to use in homes with pets than conventional chemical-based cleaners. All too often, cats can walk over newly-washed floors with a chemical residue on and then lick their paws clean. Adding a fresh coat of paint to a wooden floor is a fantastic way to lend it new life, especially if you go a shade or two lighter in color.

Take advantage of storage

When looking for a home in the metro, you can find a condo or townhouse using Zipmatch, where you can check out all kinds of options such as affordability, amenities, neighborhood, investment value and so on. After getting the best property in Metro Manila, it makes sense to use neat storage options to keep your dream home tidy. If you have a small living space, you can choose vertical storage furniture to save space.

Organize small items

Rubber bands, pegs, paper clips and erasers can all accrue on your desk, in your drawers and on the floor. Rather than throwing away these small but useful items, sort them and gather them together. Storage dividers in a desk drawer, cute little boxes covered in wrapping paper or washed out jam jars are all simple, convenient and attractive ways to keep rubber bands, paper clips and more together, ready for whenever you might need them.

Get into a routine

Establish a habit of taking your used coffee cups to the sink rather than leaving them on the desk, and of hanging up your coat as soon as you arrive. It will be much easier to do these things without even thinking about it.

Keep an inventory

Log and list all the items you have in your store cupboards and use this knowledge to plan meals without needing to go out and shop for groceries every single day. Keeping an eye on your stuff will also help maintain a good budget as well.

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