Clothing which has stood the test of time.

In the last century or so there has been a shift in the need of certain items to items of luxury. Where once some things were a necessity it is now in abundance and bought simply for style or pleasure. Although this isn’t the case for everyone it is true for much more people than it once was. One place that you can clearly see this distinction is in clothing. In the past people wore outfits for occasions or duties and they would not have had the luxury of being able to change how they dressed at any given moment. There wasn’t much of a fashion industry unless you were extremely well off, but now even if you don’t have that much money people can create and design their own style. Even though this abundance is very recent it has meant the disappearance of many conservative or mundane types of clothing. But a few pieces have survived and stood the test of time. We’ll check out some of the oldest forms and types of clothing and why they have lasted so long.


The sandal is one of the most obvious examples of a piece of clothing that has lasted for millennia. They can be seen in early cave paintings and have been written about in texts. The reason for there long lasting is simply due to their easy construction and comfort. Records show of many different types of material being used to make them throughout the world and they are easily created and fashioned to the wearers feet. They are a prime example of an item being designed for a purpose and now as a fashion item as many other forms of footwear are now available.

Day bags:

Another obvious item which has lasted for thousands of years and which has been altered considerably is a day bag. These can vary from a women’s hand bag to a pensioner’s fanny pack. Carrying your necessities has always been a priority and people continue to design new ways to wear and carry whatever you feel is important for your day. Once it may have been food and seeds and now it is your phone, I.ds and money. People have always needed ways to carry their belongings and so this has become a major area which people have focused their creative sides.


Although now almost solely a female item of clothing there was a time when both sexes used skirts to cover of certain areas of the body. They are easy to design and I doubt very much stigma was attached to certain items of clothing then. If you had nothing else to wear skirts of some kind were easy to create and wear.

Each of these items are easy to create and mimic which is one of the reasons they have lasted for so long. As they are not as needed now they have become less essential and more of a fashion choice. Items which have lasted for so long will clearly last into the future.

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