Creative Ways To Donate Your Clothes


Do you have a growing mountain of clothes and used goods that you no longer have use for? Are you moving house soon and you know you won’t have space for all those clothes in your new closet or you found out you actually have two sandwich toasters (when did that happen?) or you’ve had an old TV in the back of a wardrobe for years with good intentions to eventually use it? Look no further than this article for some great suggestions on how to donate your old clothes and goods.

Donate To A Second Hand Seller

Second hand selling is a huge thing – think car boot sales and flea markets. This is where some serious cash can be had if you know what to sell, and what to buy as well. Second hand sellers frequent car boot sales and flea markets to hock the goods they have picked up from people like you – people who are looking to offload things but not necessarily make any money from it (or if you’re looking to make money, you’d be happy just taking something small for a box of clothes for example). Some second hand sellers will offer you money, but many are very happy to take donations as second hand selling can be their full time jobs and they don’t always have the money to offer pay for stock.

Donate To The Church

Churches likewise often hold rummage sales to raise money for various charitable actions or to help the homeless or poor. Receiving donations in the form of gently worn clothing, old goods like electronics or books can help promote sales that generate an income for the church that they can use in turn to run their community projects or to buy things they need. Churches often do not receive a lot of funding, so they rely on as much support from the community as they can get themselves too!

Charity Shops

Similar to the situation surrounding churches, charity shops receive lightly worn clothing and gently used goods to help generate income for charities that they then use to either pay for staff run their projects or help their specific regions of charity (ie cancer awareness, hungry children). Charity shops will essentially sell on second hand goods to people looking for a deal, and they are often great for finding kitschy antique pieces or old books that sometimes end up being worth a tidy profit.

Donate To A Friend

You might have a friend who loves to sell stuff online in an Ebay shop or similar who is looking for some new stock for either free or cheap. Consider donating clothes you no longer use to your friend to sell in their online shop or to help bump up their trade ins online on those recycle sites that help trade goods for money. Your friend might even give you a small cut.

So there you have a couple of great, creative ways to donate your used clothes and electronics as well as board games, books, toys, dishes and generally anything you could do with getting rid of. Don’t stop there though, there are always tons of ways to get rid of unwanted clothes and other items – you could even donate them to your child’s school for play time or as costumes for plays and the like! The options are endless!

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