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If you have been thinking about getting into shape for awhile but you aren’t sure exactly what the best way to do it is, look no further. With so many ways to get out and get fit around these days, finding the perfect way for you can seem daunting and never ending. When you’re looking to get in shape it’s important to know what your schedule is like, what your motivation level is like and if you are wanting to do something a bit lighter in terms of exercise or you’re happy getting out, getting filthy and losing those inches fast. For those looking for the latter, check out the rest of this article to introduce you to the fantastic world of Cross Fit.

So, What Is Cross Fit?

Cross Fit is a multi-faceted approach to a workout that focuses on building up strength and conditioning through daily exercise regimens that focus on a different area each day. Each workout consists of overall targeting exercises that work with one another to perfectly sculpt the best body for you.

Who Would Benefit From Cross Fit?

Anyone and everyone would benefit from Cross Fit except for a few groups of people, such as those who like to train solo or for those who are looking for specific areas of focus (say power lifting for example) or for those people who want to excel at a specific type of sport like long distance or track running. These people would be better off looking for coaches who help trainers specialise in certain areas as Cross Fit is more of a generic overall workout and schedule and so won’t be perfect for everybody.

What Do You Do In A Cross Fit Class?

Have fun, first and foremost. When you find the right Cross Fit class for you, you won’t even realise you’re doing exercise. Cross Fit classes are different from the traditional gym in that you will be prescribed specific workouts to do each day and usually in a friendly yet competitive atmosphere are encouraged to do as many as you can in an allotted time frame or up to a certain number of reps. When coupled with a clean and healthy eating habit, this can be incredibly effective with weight loss and strength and endurance training. You may use some weights like kettlebells, medicine balls, or just gravity and do press ups, burpees, running, squats and other various exercises along with weight training.

So there you have a couple of great starter titbits of information on Cross Fit and whether it’s right for you. One thing is certain all around, when you go Cross Fit, you will find it hard to go back to the gym!

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