A Guide To Spending The Night In Jordan’s Wadi Rum Desert


Adventurers and first time travellers alike are always searching for interesting and quirky things to see and do on the road, especially in far flung, amazing places such as the Middle East. While some parts of the Middle East are a bit questionable in safety this days, other areas have been and are perfectly alright and even are welcoming to tourists as well as tourist hot spots for adventure and excitement, such as Jordan. There are a number of things to do in the country of Jordan, including visiting the Treasury at Petra as well as desert tours out to the likes of Wadi Rum – a famous and much loved site for both locals and tourists. Read ahead to learn more about this desert and what it’s like to spend a night or two under the stars.

Wadi Rum – An Overview

Wadi Rum is a large protected site in southern Jordan 60km east of Aqaba, and is also known as the Valley of the Moon by local Bedouin tribes who have inhabited this region for millenia. It’s been inhabited since neolithic times, with petroglyphs having been left on the original inhabitants on some of the rock faces which can be seen by tourists visiting the area, particularly in the region known as the Khaz’ali Canyon. These days Wadi Rum is home to some fantastic overnight campsites where tourists can stretch out under the stars as well as balloon pilots who can take you on a truly awe inspiring balloon tour of the sandstone formations and rose-gold coloured sand dunes.

The Bedouin Experience

Being the home of the Bedouin, Wadi Rum is one of the best places to get to know these people along with their way of life. The aforementioned campsites are a fantastic way to get in with the Bedouin tribes and spend a few hours alongside them, perhaps enjoying a traditional meal and music under the starry skies of Wadi Rum, learning about their culture and way of life and sampling some delicious food cooked in their unique ways. There are even old remnants of temples in the area such as the Nabatean temple.

Everything For Outdoor Lovers

Wadi Rum is undoubtedly one of the best places for outdoor lovers to really get down and dirty in the sand with so many different activities. Old Bedouin roads have been recently rediscovered by rock climbers who have come to take advantage of the rock formations throughout the area. Camel and horse treks through the desert and camping out overnight in the dunes are two of the favourite activities in the area, so for anyone that enjoys the outdoors this is the spot to go to for fun in the desert sun.

There you have a couple of great reasons why Wadi Rum in Jordan is a great place to visit for anyone who loves getting out and enjoying the outdoors or exploring new cultures and regions. Pack your bags and get on that camel – the desert dunes await!

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