A Guide To Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant Show



If you are heading to Tokyo anytime soon, you might be starting to put together a list of things that are on your must do and see list. Tokyo is the city that never seems to sleep and as a result it has all sorts of weird and wonderful things going on at all time of night and likewise all through the day as well. If you’re looking for the number one thing to do in Tokyo that combines its seemingly endless love of bright neon colours as well as its love of robots, look no further than the Robot Restaurant Show, as outlined below.

Where, What, When?

The Robot Restaurant Show is what it it says on the tin for the most part – a restaurant that features robots and insane mock battles and dancing in show form throughout all orchestrated by women in bright neon, skimpy suits that seems like something out of the year 2300. Located in the very bizarre, yet interesting Shinjuku district, the Robot Restaurant Show fits in seamlessly with its surroundings – that is to say, Shinjuku is the home of all things weird and wonderful. The restaurant runs daily from 4pm to 11pm and it costs around 8000yen per person to enter with 1000yen being payable for a meal. All payments should be made well in advance of the show – up to about half an hour prior to the show (so arrive early!). You can also get a discount if you book online in advance, so it’s well worth booking in advance.

Crazy Colours, Crazy Acts

There’s no doubt that the acts put on at the Robot Restaurant Show are out of this world and unique in flavour – both on and off the stage. Featuring neon robot battles, and even a giant neon tank, this is really like something out of a brightly coloured future that found its way through a wormhole into Shinjuku. The show runs 90 minutes in a flurry of sparkle, colour and sometimes confusion but it is enjoyable all the same for people who take the plunge and visit this scene of colourful insanity.

So there you have a bit of information on the Robot Restaurant Show and what you can expect as well as a small outline of the costs involved in checking out one of Tokyo’s craziest shows around. Make sure you check out Shinjuku and all its amazing sights on your next trip over – it’s more than worth it.

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