How to Avoid Gaining Weight When You Stop Smoking


Making the decision to quit smoking is one of the most important and best choices you’re going to make in your life. You’re improving your health, your overall well-being and it can also help you save money. While quitting is a great thing, there is one potential side effect that may make you nervous, and that’s the weight gain that can happen.

Many people report gaining at least a small amount of weight when the stop smoking, and for some, it may be a significant amount.

Some of the reasons for the added pounds can include the loss of the impact of the nicotine which can lower metabolism, as well as lower levels of serotonin. There’s also often the mental feeling that you need to fill the time you would have spent smoking with something else, which can lead to snacking.

There are ways you can quit without gaining weight, however.

Consider Vaping

Often when people stop smoking, they start vaping. When you use a vaporizer, it’s a healthier alternative to smoking, and you also get the nicotine you would have from cigarettes. It’s a good way to move away from smoking gradually, without going to cold turkey.

You can choose from a variety of e-juice flavors, which can satisfy your need to have sweets.

Vaping is also a good way to fill the time you spent smoking, which can be beneficial mentally, at least when you’re first weaning off cigarettes.

Carry Water With You

Another good way to avoid excessive weight gain when you stop smoking is to start bringing a water bottle with you. Along with options like vaping, this can be another way to occupy your hands and your mind when you get the urge to smoke throughout the day, without turning to extra snacks.

If you are going to snack, try to be prepared for this and bring your own healthy foods wherever you go in those initial weeks after you stop smoking.

When you drink water it’s not only a distraction from your urges, but it’s also good for your metabolism and flushing toxins out of your body, so it can help you combat pounds.

Chew Gum

Consider chewing sugarfree gum throughout the day, or bringing mints with you. These are a useful way to keep you away from sweets and other snacks, and fill the void left when you quit smoking.

Chewing gum, like many of the other things on this list, helps you when you feel like you want to put something in your mouth, which is a habitual urge experienced by most smokers.

Plan Your Diet

When you quit smoking, it can account for around 250 extra calories a day that your metabolism was burning when you were smoking. A good way to avoid weight gain is to plan ahead with your diet and find ways to cut 250 calories from what you’re eating.

As a final note, while it can be tough to start a new exercise routine while you’re also trying to quit smoking, exercise, even when it’s as simple as taking a walk, can help you combat extra pounds and also keep your mind off your cravings.

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