How to Choose the Best Sunglasses Glasses for Sports and Recreation

Choosing sunglasses can be a big decision, particularly if you need them to be prescription eyewear, and this becomes even tougher if you need glasses that will work well for sports and recreation. Some of the reasons people might need sunglasses specifically for recreation include if they regularly workout outdoors, such as running or biking, they play a sport that’s outdoors, or they’re just generally active people.

The following are some tips to help you choose the right sunglasses for your recreational needs.

Research Brands

First and foremost, look at brands and find one or maybe a few that will be contenders for what you need. Not all brands are going to work well for sports and other outdoor activities. For example, Bellainium is a great high-end brand of glasses that’s perfect for daily wear and work, but they’re not ideal for sports and performance like a brand like Adidas is going to be.

You want a brand that really understands the needs of an active wearer and has experience designing glasses in this area.

Perfect Fit

When you’re athletic and searching for prescription glasses, you will need a perfect fit. Otherwise, you’re going to be distracted with glasses that are slipping and sliding, rather than thinking about the activity ad-hand.

To find the right fit, there are some terms you should know including temple length, frame width, lens width and height and bridge width. Before you make a purchase ensure that you’ve either measured this on yourself or that you’ve had it done professionally.

Shop By Sport

A lot of people don’t realize that you can actually shop for eyewear based on the specific sport or activity. For example, you can find everything from cycling glasses to mountain climbing glasses, and they’ll have particular features designed with that activity in mind.

As an example, cycling glasses will have a wraparound style in most cases and will provide a really large field of view, while hiking or mountain climbing glasses might have features such as a foam seal to provide protection from the wind.


Polycarbonate lenses tend to work well in glasses geared toward outdoor activities and sports because they are impact-resistant, for durability and protection. At the same time, it’s important to choose lenses that are not only made from polycarbonate but also that have a coating that’s protected with scratch-resistance.

Also important regarding the lenses is making sure you get adequate UV protection. UV protection will keep your eyes safe, and will also hep you perform better in whatever activity you’re doing.

Finally, lenses can be tinted to a wide variety of colors as well, based specifically on many of the activities you might be doing. As an example, yellow-tinted glasses work well in low light, but they also filter out blue light, so they’re good for activities like skiing and tennis. Blue and purple lenses are perfect for golf because they reduce glare and improve color perception, and pink and red tinted lenses are good for improving road visibility, so they’re great for cycling and running.

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