Limo Service Vs. Car Hire For Your Wedding


Weddings are meant to be a magical moment formalizing the loving union between two people. But as anyone who has ever held a wedding will tell you, planning a wedding is a logistical nightmare. You have to make plans to feed the wedding party, secure a venue, and a whole lot more. And you have to ensure that all these processes run smoothly for a memorable occasion. One of the logistical issues that you have to consider is transporting the bridal party. And that includes the bride, groom, groomsmen, bridesmaids, and the respective parents.

So which is better, using a limo service or hiring cars for the day? Let’s break it down.

  1. Cost

The vehicles used in executive limo service companies are prestigious. They are not cheap. However, it’s the extras that make it all worth it. Like the chauffer who is included in the charges you pay. If you hire a car for an entire day, you would have to hire a driver as well. With a limo service, this cost is inclusive of your fixed charges. Also, a limo can carry quite a huge number of people. It can carry the entire bridal party. That alone equate to hiring about five cars!

  1. Reliability

You want your wedding plans to work like clockwork on your special day, which is why reliability is an important factor to consider. When you hire a car, you are still required to find the drivers that will transport your party (and probably some guests) during the wedding. Unless you have numerous professional drivers in your circle of friends, it is very difficult to ensure that your cars will be staffed by professionals. On the other hand, using a limo service ensures that you get certified drivers who have years of experience transporting wedding parties. You will get better reliability with a limo service.

  • Insurance

All limo services in Toronto, and the rest of Canada, are required to have a comprehensive insurance policy for their cars and their registered drivers. When you get a limo service, the insurance costs are included in your pricing. If an unauthorized driver causes an accident in a car you hired, you might end up being financially liable for any damages and injuries incurred. Unless you have made provisions for your own insurance policy, you are better served by a limo service that is required by law to have insurance cover.

  1. Professionalism

Limo services differ from taxis and other modes of public transportation due to the convenience and comfort that they guarantee when you engage their services. This is true for big town companies such as Toronto Limos where they have to step up their game due to increased competition. Limo drivers are not only trained as competent drivers, but they also know how to treat their clients with respect and courtesy and they understand the importance of punctuality due to their experience ferrying wedding guests. You can’t get this guarantee if you choose to hire vehicles from a third party and source your own drivers (usually cheaply).


If you want your wedding to proceed meticulously, a limo service is the way to go. It’s more affordable, all things considered; it’s a more befitting way to travel on that day, and its offers a more customized service.

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