Managing Your March Madness: Keeping On Top Of Buzzer-Beaters With the Latest Apps

With Selection Sunday just around the corner, the countdown to one of the biggest college championships is on. The annual month-long NCAA Men’s Division Tournament is a lot to take in. Even veteran basketball fans need a little help if they expect to catch every single play this March Madness. Whether you’re a casual viewer or an obsessed NCAA follower, make sure you stay on top of every backcourt violation and buzzer beater with the following apps, websites, and accessories.

To watch every game, recap, & stat


The official NCAA website will be live streaming every 67 games of the tourney, along with game highlights and recaps if you weren’t able to tune in in real time. It’s also your one-stop shop for news, stats, and bracket breakdowns if you find yourself with some spare time between games. And if you’re catching a quarter while you’re at work, remember the NCAA’s got your back with their boss button. A simple click of this button — located in the upper right hand corner of the website — will switch your screen from the court to spreadsheets.

The NCAA has also developed an app so you can stream the tourney wherever your day takes you. Just a keep an eye on your data, so you aren’t hit with a huge bill at the end of March. Both the website and app will require you to log in with your cable provider. If you don’t have a subscribtion, cable cutters will be able to catch 3 consecutive hours of streaming each day on the CBS Sports website before you have to authenticate with a provider.

To keep on top of brackets and bets


As he’s done in the last few years, Warren Buffet is offering $1 billion to anyone who can predict the perfect March Madness bracket. That’s no short order, as you’ll need to successfully choose the winner of every game before the Final Four. If you’re willing to take your chances, you’ll need all the help you can get to understand the stats and favorite picks. While the NCAA website hosts bracket challenges, the ESPN Tournament Challenge is a much more streamlined and dedicated app for your iPhone. It also lets you keep tabs on other users, so you can see if you’re on the right track with your own picks.

To make new friends

In the unlikely event you know no one in your life that follows March Madness, you’ll want to download Fanatic to your iPhone. The iOS app connects you with other fans in your neighborhood, so you don’t have to watch every 67 games on your own. You can also use Fanatic to find people who are cheering on the same team as you are — which means you can ditch those so-called friends who constantly chirp at your fav. Use the apps’ bar finding service to locate a sports bar in your area that’s sympathetic to your team, so you and your new friends have a welcoming place to watch the game.

Now that you’ve got a squad together, you might want to think about matching decals in your team’s colors. Not everyone will have an iPhone like you, so you’ll want to send the crew over to the dbrand website. As the boss of vinyl, they’ve managed to create an impressive catalogue of skins that fit over most smartphones, tablets, and other electronics. That means the whole team can suit up in Kentucky white and blue skins. It also means you can head to to outfit your Mac in a decal to complement your iPhone skin.

The fact that your iPhone and Mac are decked out in team colors will probably have no bearing on your fav’s standings, but there’s not much logic when it comes to being a fan during March Madness. Whether a player manages to make the crossover of the year or if they’re closer to making an alley whoops with the ball, make sure you see it all. Take advantage of some iOS apps to keep on top of every play of the tourney.

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