Medical Marijuana and Its Newfound Effect on Lung Cancer


Those in favor of medical marijuana’s use as a treatment for various health ailments have long suggested that cannabis can offer a milder form of treatment for lung cancer. They tout the benefit of cannabis as an alternative to traditional western medicines and cancer treatment approaches, such as chemotherapy. There is a growing body of evidence backing the theory that cannabis can inhibit the spread of lung cancer and also cause death to cancerous cells through several diverse methods. If you’ve searched for “weed delivery near me” because you or someone you know is looking to cannabis as a lung cancer treatment, read on to learn about the latest research.

Researchers Study CBD and THC in Relation to Lung Cancer

A German team of researchers published a study that sheds some light on cannabis’ interaction with lung cancer. This study appeared in the Biochemical Pharmacology journal and it suggests that the cannabinoids found in cannabis indirectly cause cancer cells to become more susceptible to breakdown, by specific cells that are programmed to destroy tumors. Specifically, cannabidiol (CBD) enhanced cancer cells’ susceptibility to being killed by lymphokine-activated (LAK) destruction cells.

LAK Killer Cells May Depend on CBD and THC to Fight Lung Cancer

LAK cells are stimulated white blood cells that seek out and kill tumor cells. Interestingly, when LAK cells had been pre-incubated, with the lymphocyte function antibody, the enhanced destruction of lung cancer cells from the CBD treatment seemed to be reversed. This suggests that there is a crucial aspect of cytotoxicity that is CBD induced. Some researchers believe that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) must be present when using cannabis as a treatment for lung cancer

Weed Delivery Near Me: CBD and THC Products

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