Traveller Essentials: Tips for Sending Parcels Abroad


Today, sending parcels couldn’t be easier, as there are couriers who ship all over the world on a regular basis.

Whether you’re running an online business and you’re shipping things abroad, or you’re parcelling things up to send to friends and family all over the globe, here are some top tips for getting things there safely:

Consider Your Parcel Size and Weight

You’ll often find that different couriers have various maximum weights and sizes that they’ll carry, and this will depend on what their depots are able to handle. On average, the longest your parcel can be is 1.2m, with a width and depth of 60cm each.

Normally, the maximum weight they can carry is 30kg, but, again, this will depend where you’re shipping to and who you’re using. For example, to ship to Pakistan through Parcel2Go you will have to keep parcel weights below 20kg, due to the couriers that ship to this location.

Think About Your Parcel’s Packaging

If you imagine your parcel on its journey, it’s going to encounter a lot of different things, including conveyor belts, bumpy roads, sorting hubs and turbulent flights. That’s why it’s imperative you box your parcel correctly, and don’t forget to choose a box that’s big enough for your item, but not too big that the item will move around a lot inside it.

You’ll also want to check with the courier you are using what their stipulations are, as some may not accept shrink wrap on the outside of parcels and will only accept cardboard boxes.

Protect Your Item from Damage

Now you’ve got the outer packaging for your parcel, it’s time to think about what you’re going to use inside to prevent it from getting damaged. Retailers might like to use moulds or chips inside the box, but if you’re on a budget, there are a number of things you’ll find lying around the house that you can use.

These include shredded newspaper, bubble wrap, packaging materials you’ve received in a delivery (e.g. air bags or polystyrene) and even old clothes.

Address Your Parcel Correctly

It might sound simple but when you’re sending something abroad you need to make sure you’ve got the address 100% accurate. Check the address details you’ve got before you send the item, and also place a label on the parcel that details your own address, just in case the item needs to be returned to you.

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