What to Look for When Getting a Short Term Property?

If you are studying or working in a city for a short time, short-term property rentals are the perfect option to give you flexibility and comfort. While a hotel is nice for a few days, it doesn’t present a good longer term option and quickly becomes expensive. Having a short-term let allows you to have a home away from home in your new short-term city.

  1. Location – If you are looking for a short-term let in a big city, make sure you take into account the location of your rental and how long it will take you to commute everyday. Within big cities such as New York or Barcelona property monthly rentals are available all over the city. This means you never have to commute for long.
  2. Cleaning – Many short-term property rentals have servicing options, these can save you a huge amount of time. If you are on a business trip you might not have time for household chores. Many lets allow you to choose the level of servicing you would like from daily to weekly clearing.
  3. Transport – Many cities have excellent transport networks, it might take a lot less time than you think to navigate the city. Keep you options open and look at your transport options, there are many commuter towns in big cities which are perfect for short term property rental which you might be excluding.
  4. Pamper yourself – If you are in a city for business you might be working long days and will be coming back home exhausted. It’s worth spending a little bit more to get somewhere you can really spend time and relax in.  Having somewhere that you can relax will give you more energy and will best allow you to enjoy your time in the city.
  5. Accreditation – Only deal with licenced landlords and agencies with a good reputation, it’s easy to be a target when you are looking for a short-term let and there are many people who can take advantage of you. Some cities run a short-term letting licencing service to help you to know if you are dealing with a reputable letter.

It’s easy to find a short-term let wherever you are looking and there are many services which can quickly help you to identify great properties wherever you want to go. Finding the best property will take some time and research but it’s an investment considering the money you will have on a hotel and the massive increase in comfort it will give you.

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